This house by Spanish architects Subarquitectura spirals down a sloping site in Madrid.
 The sweeping form overlaps at one point and gradually ramps down to accommodate the slope of the terrain.
360 House has continuous fenestration along the east-facing side to offer panoramic views of mountains in the distance while descending through the house.
Where the form overlaps a staircase offers direct access between the two storeys.
The house’s exterior has been finished in black slate tiles, while the interior has whitewashed walls and ceilings throughout.

360 House
Galapagar , Madrid / SPAIN
A unique opportunity for us in reality a problem that’s been posed thousands of times: to construct a house with a public programme of social relation, associated with the prívate life of a numerous family on a sloping plot of land with priveleged views of the mountains outside Madrid.
In this instance, form does not follow function, but is instead function itself.
It is shored up in the landscape and turns back on itself, completing the revolution.
 At the midpoint, a mediatheque, isolated and completely dark, 100% technology, 0% landscape.
Structural design: Subarquitectura
Building services: Daniel Rodriguez
Client: Arco Design and Projects
Surface area: 385 m2
Photographs: David Frutos Ruiz


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